First Windows 8 tablet based enterprise app announced

When the Windows 8 Consumer Preview version was released by Microsoft a couple of weeks ago, it let users download a number of free apps via the Windows Store. However, the vast majority of those apps were aimed at consumers, including a lot of games. Now a company claims to have created the first Windows 8 app designed for enterprise users for a tablet touch-screen experience. reports that the app in question is called Ultimate Beer Ranger (and no, we are not making that up). It's being made by a company called Sonoma Partners for the sales team at New Belgium Brewing Company which sells a number of beers such as the amusingly named Fat Tire.

Despite the funny name, the Ultimate Beer Ranger app is designed for serious business. In this case, it's supposed to give New Belgium sales reps a way to access data on all the places that sell their beer products. Sonoma Partners started working on the app when Microsoft released the Windows 8 Developer Preview in September and had a working version, made via HTML and CSS, in just six weeks.

New Belgium team members are testing the app out using Samsung Windows-based tablets with Windows 8 installed but apparently they are still getting used to the touch screen UI. The app will be shown off at Microsoft's Convergence conference in Houston this weekend.

Image via New Belgium

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