First Xbox 360 Mod Chip Claims False

Photos that recently sprung up on the web claiming to be the first mod chip for the Xbox 360 have been proven to be no more than amateur fakes.  The reports seemingly gained credibility after the claimed to be on the doorstep of producing and marketing the device.

The group, calling themselves the ICE Mod Chip team, claimed to be close to releasing a mod chip that creates backup images of games.  Images posted on the group's US and UK based websites showed what appeared to be at first glance the first mod chip for the 360.  It has been learned that these images are of commercially available microcontrollers with "I.C.E. v1.0" written all over them.

Reports indicate that the two websites are owned by Canadian company, which supplies mod chips, but does not develop them.  The InfinityMods website claims it plans to take pre-orders of the $70 device in the coming weeks.

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