Flock, the social browser, will become reclusive forever

It's the end for the world's first browser branded as a "social" browser. Flock first emerged six years ago, on April 11, 2005. Back then, it was simply Firefox bundled with a few select extensions. Over the years, it first contemplated, then decided on switching to the Chromium base starting from version 3 last summer. They were even Netscape's browser of choice when Netscape development came to a halt in February 2008. But it all comes to an end soon; in two weeks, Flock will be discontinued.

In a statement released on Flock's homepage as spotted by TechCrunch, a simple message announces the upcoming end of the browser. They paid homage to the two browsers who they have based their code off of by linking to both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 

After some brief competition with its competitor, Chrome-based RockMelt, Flock was purchased by the developer of Farmville, Zynga, earlier this year, although the company has nothing to do with the shutdown. But soon, Flock will be little more than a distant memory.

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