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Following F2FS, Btrfs, EXT4 performance boosts, Linux is also getting some NTFS improvements

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A couple of days ago, we reported about some of the most popular Linux file systems getting significant performance boosts. These included Flash-Friendly File System (F2FS), B-Tree Filesystem (Btrfs), and fourth extended filesystem (EXT4). For example, in the case of Btrfs, SATA SSDs are showing around a 10% improvement with recent patchwork.

Alongside these, it looks like NTFS on Linux is also getting some optimizations and improvements with the NTFS3 driver. This Linux implementation of Microsoft's NTFS file system is developed by the Paragon Software Group. You can find details about Paragon's NTFS3 here.

Coming back to the patch itself, it has some improvements for NTFS3 like optimizations, some fixed logic errors, code cleanups, as well as removal of a couple of features that don't work:


  • add missed "nocase" in ntfs_show_options;
  • extend information on fails\errors;
  • small optimizations.


  • some logic errors;
  • some dead code was removed;
  • code is refactored and reformatted according to the new version of clang-format.


  • noacsrules option. Currently, this option does not work properly. Its use leads to unstable results. If we figure out how to implement it without errors, we will add it later;
  • writepage.

These changes are meant to land in the Linux kernel version 6.4.

Source: LKML via Phoronix

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