Former Homeworld developers release trailer for Hardware: Shipbreakers

While the rights to Homeworld are currently up in the air, pending the conclusion of THQ's bankruptcy proceedings, a number of former Relic team members that worked on the space-based RTS game are prepping to launch an all new title, Hardware: Shipbreakers.

The team, which includes the art director and art lead of the original Homeworld, is known as Blackbird Interactive and over the weekend they launched their first trailer for Hardware: Shipbreakers. Like Homeworld, it's a sci-fi themed game but with a very different premise.

The trailer shows the setting to be a planet where, for some unknown reason, has become a place where massive starships have crash landed. Teams of interstellar scavengers are trying to take what they can find from the wreckage of these massive hulks, and it appears that the gameplay centers on battles on the planet between the factions who are trying to take as much technology as they can.

Blackbird Interactive claims that Hardware: Shipbreakers will be the "world’s first planetary-scale social strategy game." The trailer certainly has an art style that's similar to Homeworld, even if it is ground-based. Hardware: Shipbreakers is scheduled to launch sometime in 2013 and the team is currently taking closed beta applications at its official website.

Source: YouTube

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