Former PC repairman claims he's now allergic to tech

There have been reports in the past on how some people believe they are being adversely affected to cell phone signals. Now there's a story about a UK resident who believes he is actually being affected by all kinds of technology, including radiation from PCs, phones and even batteries.

The Daily Mail reports that 36 year old Phil Inkly helped to repair PCs during the evenings and weekends about eight years ago. It was then that he claims he first experienced the symptoms. He states, "I was getting achey pains in my chest and stabbing pains through my head, but it was tolerable."

Inkly says his pain and other symptoms got worse when he moved to Aborfield Garason, which is used as a technology base. He states, "I began getting awful nosebleeds and had trouble sleeping. I became sensitised to everything - wifi, phone masts, even phone boxes and batteries."

Inkly claims that he is suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. In order to get away from some of his symptoms, he now lives in a trailer in a remote section of woods. While he says he has seen several doctors about his condition, at the moment electromagnetic hypersensitivity is not considered to be a real issue among the mainstream medical community and that people like Inkly are suffering from a psychological problem, rather than a real physical condition.

Source: Daily Mail

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