Foxconn workers in China hold protest over wages

Foxconn continues to have issues with keeping its workers happy at its Chinese-based factories. Reuters reports that 200 workers at a Foxconn plant in Wuhan, China staged a protest over wages on Friday. Some workers even threatened to jump off a building at the plant, according to the worker activist group Information Centre for Human Rights.

The group added that one of the workers' complaints was that they were making less money at the Wuhan plant than they had in their previous places of employment.

A statement from Foxconn's parent company Hon Hai Precision Industry admits to the protest but claims it involved workers new to that plant. The statement added, "The dispute has already been settled after some negotiations involving the human resources and legal departments as well as the local government."

This new development shows that Foxconn is still struggling with employee issues. In March, a report from the Fair Labor Association claimed it had found a number of worker rights violations at the three Foxconn plants it inspected in China. The factory audits were first arranged with the assistance of Apple. The company has been accused by human rights groups of not doing enough to monitor worker conditions at plants that make Apple's products, such as the iPhone and iPad.

In response to the audits' findings, Foxconn said it was making a number of improvements at its factories, including reducing the number of hours per week for each worker, paying their employees more and increasing their overall workforce, among other changes.

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