France's Orange experiences second data breach in less than three months

Orange has reported that around 1.3 million users of its online website have been exposed to personal data theft. The data compromised in the breach includes: telephone numbers, date of births, and email addresses. Stephane Richard, CEO of Orange, has promoted the importance of maintaining the privacy of its customers data. Although signing a charter on data protection in November, Orange has experienced two breaches in less than three months.

The first breach occurred in February with nearly 800,000 clients being compromised. The data compromised included clients emails, passwords, addresses and phone numbers. The most recent breach occurred in mid-April, when hackers accessed a software platform used by Orange to send promotional emails and text messages to those who had opted in. The data compromised was similar to the previous breach and included telephone numbers, date of births, and email addresses.

Fortunately, payment information and credit card numbers have not been stolen from Orange. These breaches are less severe than the ones that occurred at Target over the holiday season. Nearly 40 million customers credit card numbers had been stolen from its database resulting in the resignation of the CEO. Orange has not announced a solution to prevent further data privacy incidents that could occur. 

Source: Reuters | Image via Orange

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