Free MicroWorld AntiVirus Toolkit Utility 9.2.3

MicroWorld AntiVirus Toolkit Utility based on the Kaspersky AV engine can scan & terminate Hidden Spy Software, illegal dialers, and illegal sniffers which normally are running in the background. Just download and run. No installation of this software required.

MWAV 9.2.3 Features:

* Scans your computer completely and provides reports of any viruses that it finds.
* Checks for all illegal dialers that are present on your computer and informs you of the same.
* Informs you of any background illegal sniffers or tools like spyware, adware, keyloggers etc. running in the memory of your computer.
* You can add this utility to the startup list of programs on your computer so that it scans your computer every time you start using it.

* When you downloadthis utility you willget it with the latest updated list of viruses so that it scans your computer for all known viruses.

* No need to install. Just download and run the MWAV toolkit to scan for viruses.
* MWAV 8.x also provides multi-language support.

Note: MicroWorld is offering this FREE MWAV Toolkit to help you to "Scan and Clean" your PC/Computer for FREE up to 31st May 2007.

Download: MicroWorld AntiVirus Toolkit Utility 9.2.3 freeware
Download: MicroWorld AntiVirus Toolkit Utility 9.2.3 (mirror)
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: MicroWorld AntiVirus Toolkit Home Page

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