Fried Modem and Chips? No thanks.

Here's to my first post-comeback front page post. And, as I'm from the UK, I'm gonna complain about the weather...

It seems that a problem that can happen to our American readership is now becoming more and more common in Europe. (Or at least in the UK where admittedly the weather is crap. :( )

Bad weather is proving costly for Britain's growing population of web users.

Power surges trigged by thunder storms are frying modems in large numbers, according to figures collected by computer retailer PC World.

The lack of summer sunshine has meant more people staying inside and using the net putting them at risk from the surging supplies. The retailer's support staff are sending out 10 times as many modems as usual and many customers are blaming the bad weather for the damage to their hardware.

The computer seller also reports that sales of surge protectors are up 42% over previous weeks, suggesting some customers are starting to take precautions.

News source: BBC

View: Modems fried as storms strike

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