From the Forums: More thoughts on the Windows 8 Start menu debate

It's a topic that just won't go away for long time Windows users. We are speaking of the lack of a Start menu in the desktop UI for Windows 8. In a recent editorial, we pointed out that a lot of the users of Microsoft's latest OS had downloaded several different Start menu programs made by third parties and that was evidence that many users want to keep the familiar desktop menu around.

The editorial generated a ton of news comments on its own, with Neowin readers debating the pros and cons of doing away with the Start menu. The debate spilled over in our forums, where Neowin member warwagon launched a member poll which asked, "Do you want the start menu in Windows 8?" As of this writing, the "Yes" votes are slightly ahead with 52.85 percent, compared to "No" with 47.15 percent.

The member poll generated quite a few comments on its own, both for and against adding the Start menu back in Windows 8. Decidedly in the "Yes" section is tsupersonic who stated:

Hell yes. For people without touchscreen monitors (which is the majority of monitors), you need the damn start button in Windows. Hell, I still would want the start button on a monitor without a touchscreen. I can't tolerate Windows 8 without a start button.

Neowin member McKay is in the "No" section of the debate, and even shows off his Windows 8 Start screen to prove his point. He says:

No, I've gotten used to having my apps organised into groups that I want instead of one giant list that can only utilize the height of my screen. I see this as added functionality and I wouldn't want to lose it.

While this debate will likely continue, it seems like Microsoft has no interest in returning the Start menu to the desktop portion of Windows 8. That means that third party companies that offer Start menu alternatives will most likely continue to enjoy a large audience for months, if not years, to come.

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