From The Forums: Neowin members create Windows 8 apps

The release of Windows 8 also means that any software developer has a way to reach millions of users through one central Windows Store. In fact, a number of Neowin readers have already created some cool Windows 8 apps that you can download and check out for yourself.

Our fearless leader Steven Parker started a forum thread called, "Share your Windows 8 (Store) app recommendations" back in August. Some of our readers have taken the next step in that forum thread and recommended Windows 8 apps that they made themselves.

One of them is Weightless, a free body fat and body mass calculator made by Neowin forum member "Cereal Bawks". In his post announcing the app he states, "For 2 US bucks, you can unlock simple tracking (chart control cost me money, so I kind of want to recoup it)."

In fact, "Cereal Bawks" has more than one app in the Windows Store. He also has a music synthesizer app called, well, Synth that's on sale for $3.49. It's a virtual "25-key piano backed by a triple-oscillator synthesizer for dynamic sound generation."

Forum member "djepi" posted word in the same thread about his StreetCrime UK Windows 8 app. For just $1.49, this is designed to show reports of crimes committed in England and Wales.

PC programmers might want to check out Snippet in the Windows Store, for the price of $3.49. Created by Neowin forum member "pauliusuza", its designed so that coders can "manage the most valuable pieces of code so you can reuse it later in other projects."

If you are a regular Neowin reader and also are a Windows 8 app creator, let us know about your apps in that same message board thread and we may post up a follow-up article in the near future.

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