From the Forums: Official Neowin photography competition!

You know that Neowin offers great front page news each and every day, but did you know that we also have a vibrant forum community? In the forums you can discuss anything from technology topics like operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux - we don't discriminate!) to real world news, to everything in between. We guarantee you'll find a topic that's interesting.

In the digital camera forum, moderator Chasethebase has resurrected the official monthly Neowin photography contest. The idea is that our members go out into the world (or find things in your own house, we don't mind), take a picture that matches the contest's theme for the month, then post it for everyone to see. Near the end of each month, all of the entries will be collected together and we'll create a poll for everyone to vote on which picture they think is the best. In addition to potentially becoming an internationally famous photographer (probably not...), the winner of the monthly contest gets to choose the theme for the next month.

The full list of rules can be found in the contest thread, and the theme for this month's contest is "Old and New." What does that mean? As with everything in art, it's up to your interpretation. Be sure to check it out and we look forward to seeing the great photos our readers can come up with!

Source: Neowin Forum | Camera image via Shutterstock

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