From The Forums: Our readers offer their ideas for Windows 8.2

Neowin forum member "+Mephistopheles" posted up this image as an optional Start screen for Windows 8.2.

Windows 8.1 launches less than a week from now on October 18th, although some people around the world will get to download the OS update on October 17th in their time zones. But what about the future? Windows 8.1 represents the first time that Microsoft has launched such a major update for its Windows operating system less than a year after the main launch. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated a few months ago that we can expect more rapid and regular updates for Windows from now on.

So it stands to reason that about a year from now, we could be talking about the impending launch of Windows 8.2. A few days ago, Neowin community members started contributing to a forum thread called "Ideas for Windows 8.2". The message post was begun by "Pulagatha" who wrote a number of suggestions he would like to see added to the next Windows build.

Those ideas included:

  • combining the Menu Bar and Title bar
  • customizable buttons (like VLC's customizable window interface)
  • basic, advanced and arrangeable buttons for Explorer and/or other applications; and
  • ensuring that Metro applications do "NOT have second taskbar on the left. They should be located in the original taskbar"

One thing he really wants is for the Start button to not disappear in Windows 8.2.

"Pulagatha's" suggestions were quickly joined by many other Neowin members. One of them was "+ians18", who posted up word that he would like to see jumplists on the Start screen, as well as the removal of the Control Panel. He also suggested that Windows 8.2 could be improved by allowing users to install approved apps from alternate sources.

"domboy" would like to see a full taskbar in the Modern UI. He says, "I shouldn't have to swipe to see the time, battery status, network status, etc. If nothing else, make an option to allow the desktop taskbar view-able from a modern app in some way ([except] for things that should be full screen, like netflix/videos)."

Another list of suggestions from Neowin reader trooper11 includes this idea:

I think that 8.2 should bring with it more customizations so that the user can choose to say disable the Metro UI outside of the Start Screen.  8.1 already adds much of that, but I'm sure some would appreciate more control.  They should continue to make tweaks to the desktop, although to me, the desktop is so mature at this point, that is not a whole lot they need to do, just work on bug fixes.

One thing is for sure; when it comes to future versions of Windows, Microsoft won't have a lack of suggestions and ideas from its customers (and especially from our members!).

Have you got an idea for Windows 8.2? Be sure to join in the discussion on the Neowin Forums - and if you haven't registered as a member, join us now!

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