From The Forums: Reactions to the Windows Blue build leak

Unless you been away from the Internet this morning, you know than an unauthorized leak of the 9364 build of Windows Blue managed to find its way to the Internet. As always, our Neowin forum readers wasted no time in giving their opinions on what's been changed and added compared to Windows 8.

Some forum members have reacted to the extra large Start menu tile for the desktop, with Neowin member GP007 saying, "I wasn't expecting the extra large tile but that's cool specially if they add the ability to have controls inside the tile itself which makes it even more like a widget as well."

Another forum member, theyarecomingforyou, was less impressed by what was revealed, saying, "It's a step in the right direction, but there's nothing substantial enough to win over the critics. I really wish Microsoft would do more to improve the attractiveness of the Start Screen and other Metro elements (user logon, Ctrl-Alt-Del, etc), as currently they're quite unappealing."

SekaiStory, yet another Neowin member, offered up his own misgivings on Windows Blue as revealed in the leaked build, saying:

I'm quite sure it's a really early build and pretty incomplete, but I share the same worries, it's simply not enough. Loving the advanced settings and expanded personalization, but it was clear that was coming. Then again they could issue big updates to all the core apps (and include new default apps) any day now and drastically improve the whole experience even on existing Windows 8 PCs.

TruckWEB presented his thoughts on the same forum thread, saying:

It's still Windows 8 with the slightly better Modern UI. Nothing more. Microsoft should have made the UI more attractive. And (FOR ME) the lack of the start menu is a killer and I don't like using a "fix" to bring a feature back. It's not going to make me upgrade my Win7 PC to this.

Overall, it seems that most Neowin forum members in the message thread like what was revealed in the Windows Blue leaked build, they also feel that Microsoft could do more to add new features and improve the OS compared to Windows 8. Of course, this is a leaked build that will likely only be part of the upcoming release and Microsoft has plenty of time to make changes based on feedback, even from an unauthorized released.

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