From the forums: What was your initial reaction to Windows 8?

On occasion, we like to highlight posts from our forum and let our readers do the talking. On this edition on “From the Forums,” Gnieus has asked the Neowin community what their initial reaction was to Windows 8.

As you can imagine, the replies spread the gamut for the type of responses with some loving the new OS while others thinking it was designed for children.

Gnieus writes:

Remember back at D9, where Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 8 for the first time? I think it was Steven Sinofsky and Julie Larson-Green who presented the whole presentation. They revealed the new tablet UI that was rumored to be in development, and everyone was amazed.

But what we're your initial reactions? I just can't seem to think people automatically thought that Windows 8 wasn't going to be popular among desktop users. I remember seeing it and thinking "wow, I can't wait for Windows 8". The only time I thought it was a hassle to use was when the Developer Preview launched in September, since in that build the Start Screen wasn't really optimized for the mouse and keyboard.

In fact, Windows 8 made me change the way I use my desktop. I used to have a 22" standard LCD monitor, but since September of 2011, when Microsoft released the Developer Preview, I purchased myself a 23" touch screen monitor... Which was to be used on my gaming machine. Yes, gaming machine.

For me, Windows 8 has always been something positive in my eyes, however I feel as if for the most part, initial reactions were good, but then people had a proper feel for it and were scared away by the removal of the start button and other old goodies.

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Read: What was your initial reaction to Windows 8?

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