From the Forums: Why I'm abandoning Windows Phone

Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system appears to be a divisive topic among Neowin users.

While Neowin's own Max Slater-Robins recently switched to Windows Phone, some other users of the platform in our forums have reverted back to their previous smartphone operating systems of choice.

In a forum post, Neowin user thechronic said he's going to switch back to Android because his Lumia 800, which runs Windows Phone 7.8, is unable to run the latest and best Windows Phone apps. While thechronic said he enjoyed the platform, he added that the overall ecosystem simply isn't as strong as Android's.

"My Lumia 800 device is missing out on certain releases that are only available for Windows Phone 8, for example, [are] the new Facebook beta and Temple Run," he said. "The device should be capable of running such apps, so why am I being left out? I've only had it since the beginning of last year! Windows Phone 8 has more apps, but it doesn't seem that there are many major releases to choose from there either."

Other users have since chimed in saying they've also switched back to Android or iOS. A stronger app ecosystem also lured typu back to Android, though the Neowin user noted he may return to Windows Phone in a year or so when its ecosystem advances. Some users said they'll continue to support the Microsoft smartphone operating system, however.

Matthew_Thepc, for instance, said he prefers the look of Windows Phone over Android. One user also said he plans to make the switch from Android to Windows Phone soon. "I am planning on selling my Galaxy S 3 here in a week or so and picking up the Lumia 928," littleneutrino wrote.

The debate appears to have plenty of support on both sides, as several users aren't impressed with Windows Phone or its ecosystem thus far, while others have said they prefer the interface and how the platform works when compared to Android devices or the iPhone.

Have your own thoughts on the matter? Head on over to the forum topic and join the debate.

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