Fujitsu offers custom PC building service in Japan

Many of our readers have assembled their own desktop PCs for their work, but there are many others that simply buy an off-the-shelf PC or customize it on a website and let the company build it for them. Now Fujitsu has announced a new program for Japan that will let people actually get down and dirty in building a Fujitsu-based desktop or even a notebook PC themselves.

Bit-Tech reports that over 100 schools in Japan will participate in the program, which will offer people, regardless of age or technical skill, help in building their own PC. Fujitsu will have engineers and technical staff available to assist in the building of these PCs.

The PC itself will come with a case, with the motherboard already installed, along with 15 parts that people put in place to create their PC. The CPU, the hard drive and the memory can be customized to the person's preferred choice. They will also receive help about upgrading their PC with updated hardware when they become available. It is scheduled to begin in August.

This is certainly a cool program and, while it seems to be just for Japan, we think this would be an excellent program for other PC makers like HP and Dell to emulate in other parts of the world.

Source: Bit-Tech

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