Full Power: NVIDIA Attacks With nForce2

Found this article over at Tom's Hardware Guide. It compares and outlines the features of the new nForce2, here's a summary:

The variety of functions offered by the nForce2 is beyond reproach: no other Athlon chipset provides support for AGP 8x, dual-channel DDR400, USB 2.0, IEEE1394/FireWire, two network ports, an UltraATA/133 controller and a sound controller at the same time, thereby raising the standards for on-board systems by quite a bit.

NVIDIA has learned from its past mistakes: it now offers two different Northbridge chips - the IGP with integrated GeForce4 MX graphics controller along with DVI-out, or the SPP, which requires the use of a graphics card but is considerable less expensive. The range of functions and the modularity of this chipset just might spell success for NVIDIA....

News source: Tom's Hardware Guide

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