Funcom: Holiday Present

Let's face it - Anarchy Online's launch was far from desired and was plagued with a treasure trove of terrible bugs that, at times, would make the piece of software unplayable for many customers. Considering this, Funcom put a hold on the 30 Day-Free Trial period until the game was 'playable' - However, even after Funcom deemed AO playable, many customers were still plagued with crashes, tremendous city lag, general bugs, etc. And if you were one of the lucky few to not have those problems, you may have been nerfed to hell and back.

But, it has gotten better and Funcom wants to prove it to those who cancelled their subscriptions during AO's growing pains:

    Happy Holidays *************!

    We are very pleased to inform you that we have re-opened your Anarchy Online

    account without charge! We have decided to give former customers of Anarchy

    Online the opportunity to log on and discover how Anarchy Online plays

    today. So this is our holiday surprise for you!

    The re-evaluation offer will run for a 30-day period, starting today. You

    can access your account by logging in with your old username and password,

    and you can play Anarchy Online as much as you want during the 30-day trial

    period. All re-opened accounts will automatically close again after the 30

    days, unless you should decide to continue playing the game.


    Username: **********

    Forgot your password? :

    About Anarchy Online:

    We have put a lot of resources into improving playability, stability and

    customer satisfaction, and we hope you will have a great experience with

    Anarchy Online. We wish you a fun and playful month of December month,

    and all the best for the coming holiday season!

    Best regards


If I can pull myself from Dark Age of Camelot, I may swing my way over to AO and try it out again. I'm somewhat interested in their "4-Year Epic Storyline".

News source: My Email =P

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