Fundawear: Smartphone-controlled vibrating underwear

These days smartphones can be used to control a huge range of things, from wireless LED lighting to your Xbox 360, and now even your partner's sexual pleasure, thanks to Durex's vibrating Fundawear. The prototype technology allows "physical touch to be transferred wirelessly between couples" thanks to a series of mini vibrators installed in the underwear, which are controlled by a simple smartphone app.

There are a number of different aspects you can control using the Fundawear app, including the strength and sequence of the vibration, and you have the ability to control not only your partner's experience but also yours. While the project is just in the testing phase at the moment, if the vibrating underwear do ever hit the market, expect them to arrive in a box set containing both the male and female pair, and don't expect to pay less than $200.

Durex Australia's Facebook page is currently looking for people to test the Fundawear out with their partner, saying it'll be "way more fun than Angry Birds". You can also watch the video below, which shows a couple having some pretty intense, vibration-fueled fun over the internet in a Skype session.

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Source: Durex Australia via: The Age

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