Futuremark backs off after apparent Nvidia scarification

THE MOST CURIOUS statement weve ever read, even in the frankly bizarre IT graphics market, has emerged on a 3D web site. And if were not mistaken, Nvidia has developed Vulcan-like incandescence against benchmarketing firm Futuremark, invoking sound, vision and probably legal folk too. Well, thats how were reading it, anyroadmap. 3D News Net has published a series of statements from Futuremark and Nvidia which reads to us as though mlearned fiends have been firing up long letters in long brown envelopes.

But some face has been saved, because the letter not only has a Futuremark statement, but also an Nvidia statement, as well as a joint Nvidia-Futuremark statement. Futuremark claims that Nvidia is not cheating. If we were Nvidias lawyer, wed never have allowed the sentence that includes the phrase "and not a cheat" to appear in a statement, because it sort of implies something, doesnt it?

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