Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales ban in Germany upheld

Spot the difference.

Samsung's Galaxy 10.1 tablet still cannot be sold in Germany, no matter how hard Samsung may want it to be. That's the decision that was made today in a German court which upheld a previous sales ban of the Android-powered device. Reuters reports that a regional court in Duesseldorf, Germany made the decision today, which gives something of a symbolic victory to Apple.

Several months ago, Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung in Germany, stating that the design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was too close to that of Apple's iPad. A court in Germany agreed and banned the sales of the tablet in September, with the judge in the case saying there was a "clear impression of similarity" between the two tablets.

While the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will likely never be sold in Germany, Samsung has already released a redesigned version of the tablet ,the Galaxy Tab. 10.1 N, just for German consumers. The tablet has some superficial design changes such as moving the speakers to the front instead of having them on the side of the tablet. The bezel for the Galaxy Tab 10.1N also has a silver color compared to the original's black and white.

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