Gallery: Up close with the Xbox One X

It has been a year since Microsoft teased the world about Project Scorpio and yesterday, the firm finally revealed full details about the console, including its name, by introducing the Xbox One X. While we have already gone over the details on the Xbox One X, we now get to take a closer look at the physical aspects of the actual console.

The first thing that you will notice when you first lay your eyes on the console is just how small it really is. While the Xbox One was a behemoth when it first debuted, Microsoft found a way over the years to shrink down the footprint of its console and introduce the Xbox One S. Although its design offers some refinement, the Xbox One X takes that just a tad further with its much cleaner exterior.

Perhaps what aids the console in looking more refined is the switch to a matte black finish and its removal of any unsightly vents, especially the ones that were prominent on the top piece of the Xbox One S.

Not only was there a chance to see the console in the flesh, but Microsoft also had on display the system's innards. There's something special about seeing the insides of a high powered machine whether it's a vehicle or game console - and the Xbox One X is no exception.

In a brightly illuminated glass case, the Xbox One X was displayed in all its glory with an exploded view showing off its Scorpio engine with its six teraflops of power, the advanced liquid cooling system and its supercharger-style centrifugal fan, and even the custom tuned board that relies on hovis method, a "digital power delivery system that custom tunes each console’s voltage".

Although it will be a few months until we see this console again, being able to see and experience it up close is quite the experience.

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