Gallery: Will this Windows 10 Pro (build 10036) head to Insiders?

Following the Windows 10 build 10031 leak that we covered last week, WZor has now gotten hold of build 10036 and uploaded a ton of images to his blog this morning, and in super helpful fashion, we have included them in full below.

WZor also suggested that this build is the one that will be released to Windows Insiders. When? We don't know, but we do know of a few enhancements to the build which was released to the fbl_impressive branch for select hardware partners. It has to be noted that while this build number could land for Insiders, partner builds are different from what Insiders ultimately get.

In this build a new Wi-Fi selection window is present, in the current builds, to select a new network, clicking on the 'Wi-Fi' option in the Action center opens up the full Settings app. In this new build, you can see that a smaller window opens to speed up the process of network selection.

In addition, Task View has gotten a small update as well with the 'New desktop' icon now being placed in the bottom right corner. Now, you can easily drag windows to other desktops. Unfortunately it doesn't look like Spartan is present in this build either, but Microsoft has already said that it will be included when a build does land for Insiders.

Yesterday, Gabe Aul shared the bad news that a build would not be arriving on Thursday and also suggested that the "blocking bug" was decided to be "fixed-forward in a new build", is 10036 this new build, or a newer more recent fbl_impressive build currently at 10039 and compiled on Wednesday? For now we'll just have to wait and see.

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