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According to this post on, Uwe Boll is getting ready to start up on his next set of "films". With the Bloodrayne and Dungeon Siege movies set for release soon (and with the Dungeon Siege movie being a 3 hour epic) Uwe Boll will be filming movies based on the following games: Far Cry, Fear Effect and of course - Postal. Postal being Uwe Boll's dream film as he loves the game series.


Gary Coleman will indeed be in the Postal movie, assuring his place in gaming history. Uwe Boll is also trying to get either The Rock or John Statham to star in his Far Cry adaption. Paul W. Anderson meanwhile is also getting ready for some new movies based on popular game series. He has just secured the rights to do a feature film based on the long running (and popular I might add) Castlevania games. He also just decided to film the current script for the next Resident Evil movie named "Afterlife". Afterlife is the third in a planned four movie series for Resident Evil. Milla Jovovich and Sienna Guillory (as Jill Valentine) will return in the movie. Afterlife will apparently also see the Resident Evil favorites Leon Kennedy and Albert Wesker.


Enjoy gaming fans.

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