Game on! New Windows 8 laptops feature Sega console-inspired designs

Sega may no longer make game consoles anymore, but there are still lots of gamers out there who have their Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Saturn and Dreamcast machines in full working order. Today, it was announced that Sega has given its approval for the Japanese PC retailer Ebten to sell a series of Windows 8 laptops with shells that are inspired by those great old Sega consoles.

The Ebten website has the details (in Japanese, naturally) on these very cool looking Sega Note PC laptops. As you can see, they all have special shells that make them look, erm, sort of, like the Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast, plus one that has a more generic Sega logo look. The laptops will all have Windows 8-based wallpapers, icons and audio cues based on Sega-esque themes. Unfortunately, it looks like the laptops won't come with any emulated Sega games installed.

You can check out the hardware specs for the four different versions of the Sega Note PCs on Ebten's website. If you want to buy one, the site is taking pre-orders until March 31, with plans to launch the notebooks in June... but only for those in Japan; there are no plans to sell these notebooks outside that country.

Source: Ebten | Image via Sega
Via Eurogamer

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