GameCube Game of the Year: Metroid Prime

Thanks to jago6498 in BPN for the heads up.

Gamespy has released its "Game of the Year" winner (and not surprisingly) it is Metroid Prime. Prime also was the winner of "Best Music" for a Gamecube game.

After a long development cycle and plenty of fan-based speculation, Nintendo and Retro Studios proved to the world that Samus Aran's first GameCube appearance was one awe-inspiring game. Forget all those message board threads and hyperbole because Metroid Prime is one of the best games released in recent memory.

Samus' new first-person exploration experiences on the GameCube are nothing short of legendary. A secret space pirate initiative is in motion to take over the galaxy by harnessing an extremely volatile and ancient power source known as "Phazon." The energy source -- discovered on the abandoned planet Tallon IV -- has the potential to create an army of enhanced pirate warriors that would be nigh on invincible.

News source: GameSpy

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