Gamers play for a living

For any serious computer gamer it is a little piece of heaven.

A long comfy sofa opposite a 56" plasma screen that can be hooked up to the Playstation 2, Xbox or GameCube consoles sitting in front of it.

Shelves on one side of the room hold a couple of hundred games for both consoles and PCs. Reclining on the same shelves are all the gamepads, joysticks and peripherals you could ever want.

Dotted around the room are high-spec networked PCs loaded up with some of the most popular titles of the moment.

But this was no bachelor pad nor a stand at a trade show. Instead, it is the offices of technology firm StarTek which pays gamers to play and to help others do the same.

Hartlepool-based StarTek employs fanatical gamers to do computer support on behalf of leading computer game studios such as Acclaim, Take 2 and NovaLogic.

News source: BBC News

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