Games with Gold: Tales from the Borderlands and Deadfall Adventures now free

Microsoft is back with two more free games for Xbox Live Gold members just as we arrive onto November's halfway marker. Entering today to the Games with Gold program are Telltale Games' Tales from the Borderlands and The Farm 51's Deadfall Adventures. The latter title is also playable on Xbox One consoles through backward compatibility.

The two games can be claimed right now via their respective store links that are listed below:

Tales from the Borderlands (Xbox One, November 16 - December 15)

Play all five episodes in this hugely entertaining comedy adventure taking place in the Borderlands universe. Play as both Rhys, a cyber-enhanced dope, and Fiona, an ambitious con-woman, who are thrown together by fate as unlikely partners in their quest for incredible riches. Naturally, plenty of complications like bad guys, gang warfare, betrayal, revenge, explosions (so many explosions) stand between you and riches you can only imagine.

Deadfall Adventures (Xbox 360, November 15 - 30)

You are James Lee Quatermain, descendant of the legendary adventurer Allan Quatermain. Reluctantly, Quatermain agrees to help the US government find a powerful artefact before the Nazis or the Russians do. Its pieces are hidden in ancient temples across the globe, protected by deadly traps and raging mummies. Ready your guns, because the hunt is on.

Moreover, Trackmania Turbo from the last Games with Gold promotion is still available to claim until November 30 for Xbox One users. And lastly, keep in mind that only claimed Xbox 360 games will remain playable if the Gold subscription is discontinued, unlike claimed Xbox One games, which are only accessible with an active subscription.

Be sure to check out this week's Deals with Gold as well, which include discounts for Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter, Verdun, and more.

Source: Xbox Wire

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