Gamespy has released Comrade

GameSpy today announced the launch of GameSpy Comrade, the first next-generation community gaming application, in conjunction with the PC release of Electronic Arts' highly-anticipated Battlefield 2142. By partnering with the world's leading gaming publisher, GameSpy has created a custom technology allowing Battlefield gamers to import their Comrade buddy list into the game interface, send messages while in-game and out-of-game, and export dynamic profile statistics directly to their Comrade profile. A custom Battlefield 2142-skinned version of Comrade will be bundled with the game and be available immediately to purchasers with no need for additional software downloads.
"GameSpy Comrade represents an important step forward in the evolution of a seamlessly-connected online gaming world," said Jamie Berger, VP and GM of Consumer Products for IGN Entertainment. "Battlefield 2142 is one of the year's most-anticipated multi-player titles and our partnership with EA is a great example of how GameSpy's Comrade application and in-game technology can enhance the consumer gaming experience with fully-integrated, next-generation community tools".
Available to users both inside and outside the gaming environment, GameSpy Comrade is the next step in the evolution of a seamlessly connected online gaming world. Features of Comrade include:
  • One-click buddy following, which enables gamers to join their friends in games and on gaming servers whenever and wherever they are playing
  • Integrated, in-game chat available on multiple platforms, including PC, MAC and PS2 platforms and able to support future titles on PSP and PS3.
  • Full integration of GameSpy Arcade and previously built in-game buddy lists
  • Dynamic Player Awards and Profiles, enabling users to view wins, losses, favorite weapons, medals, and other customized statistics while in the gaming environment.
  • Clan support to manage and message teams, clans, and MMO guilds
  • Auto-patching providing patch notices for all supported games
  • No ads or bundled software
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