GameStop pulls PC Deus Ex: Human Revolution from stores

Game retailer GameStop has now decided to pull all boxed copies of the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution from store shelves. Joystiq has received yet another leaked memo sent to GameStop that instructs its employees to place the boxed copies of the action-RPG game in the store's back room where they will be recalled at a later date. This move comes after GameStop previously told its store employees this week to open the PC boxes and remove the OnLive coupon card that would have given the PC owners of the game a free copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution via the OnLive streaming PC game service.

In its new note to its store employees, GameStop confirmed what we had speculated what might be the reason behind its decision: "As GameStop is developing a streaming service in our Spawn Labs Cloud Gaming Division, the coupon that was included is for a competing service".

The retailer has apparently reached some kind of agreement with the game's publisher Square Enix to return the copies to the publisher. People who have reserved copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution at GameStop stores will still be able to receive the boxed copy as scheduled. GameStop is still selling PC copies of the game via digital download.

GameStop's previous decision to remove the OnLive coupon code from the PC packaging has been met with a massive negative response online with gamers using Twitter pages, Facebook accounts and message boards to express their displeasure on this move. reports that in a statement Square Enix said it, " ... respects the right of GameStop to have final say over the contents of products it sells and to adjust them where they see fit in accordance with their policies." OnLive has yet to comment on these developments.

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