Gametap gets all community oriented!

Gametap announced yesterday that they had finally released the long awaited new version of the Turner Broadcasting System old school gaming service. For those not familiar, Gametap allows you to play tons of older games such as Burgertime, Elevator Action, Galaga, tons of Sonic games, different Arcade games like Commando and some Street Fighter versions to name just a few. Currently the Gametap catalog contains something like 500+ game titles, and more are usually added every few weeks. But this new version of Gametap adds several long awaited features for the service.
The most important new feature is multiplayer! That's right, you simply load up Gametap, find a multiplayer enabled game such as Dig Dug or Pac-Man (to name a few) and join the games "lobby" then challenge someone, and then go head to head against them in that game. You can trash talk in the chat area also. Another feature long sought after is IM and Chat functionality to the service. Now you can use an in-service chat feature, and an IM feature as well. You can even chat with your AOL buddies. Finally, another big addition is the Animation Channel on Gametap TV. Needless to say, you can now watch "Computer Lab" an original animation from the makers of "Home Movies" on Adult Swim. You can also watch some Cartoon Network stuff, and even some anime as well.
Just a small blurb about what is already available in Gametap before I finish. There are to many games to list, but here is a small sampling: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Puyo Puyo, Qix, Populous: The Beginning, Phantasy Star I-IV, 1941, 1942, Altered Beast, Bust-A-Move, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Streets of Rage 1-3 and the list goes on seemingly forever. There are alot of games folks.
All in all a very nice update to an already awesome service. There is a free 2 week trial available to you, and you can use all features, it is not a crippled trial of the service. After the trial the cost is $9.95 USD per month.

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