Gaming news round-up: December 5

The Xbox 360 Dashboard update is not the only thing that was a big news item in games on Monday:

Trine 2 release dates - Frozenbyte has announced that the sequel to their side-scrolling puzzle game will be released for the PC and Mac on Wednesday, December 7, for the Playstation Network on December 20 and for Xbox Live Arcade on December 21.

Epic Games to reveal new project Saturday - The developer of the Gears of War franchise has announced that it will reveal its next gaming project on Saturday during the Spike TV Video Game Awards broadcast.

Big PC Battlefield 3 patch coming Tuesday - PC owners of EA's first person shooter will download a huge 2 GB patch for the game on Tuesday. While it will fix a number of issues, the reason for the huge size of the patch file is that it contains the bulk of the Back to Karkand multiplayer map pack that will also be released on Tuesday.

Minecraft Lego - A project is in the works to create a fully licened Lego product based on the sandbox game Minecraft.

Capcom to publish Nexuiz - The upcoming CryEngine 3-based multiplayer shooter for the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles will be published by Capcom here in the US with THQ handling the publishing duties in other countries.

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