Gates: We'll Make Security Our Forte

Microsoft's chief software architect, Bill Gates, plans on turning Microsoft's security problems around, making them into a valuable asset. Already, Microsoft has made some great progress by releasing new security features present in SP2 for Windows XP, and by releasing guides to help administrators - e.g. setup a defense against viruses. Still Bill Gates knows more has to be done, a fact no one will disagree with.

There's no doubt that security is a major concern with Microsoft, especially after Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) recommended that user's of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser consider switching browsers. Bill Gates says that Microsoft is committed to helping companies reduce network costs, and to reduce the complexity involved with securing Windows PCs. In order to do this, Microsoft has to continue to improve the security of it's products, and not freeze the effort like analyst believed it would after SP2 was released.

By now, everyone has their opinion about the security features in SP2. Some analyst believes that more could have been done; a viewpoint easy to say but hard to back up. Security may soon become Microsoft's newest strength, but it will take a lot of hard work from Microsoft. They need to not only add new security measures to its products, but to also educate its customers.

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