GeForce 3 Roundup

Thanks NTCompatible for this, well yet another round-up of the famed GeForce is making the rounds, this time at VIA Hardware, they look at the price, performance and its features.

When Nvidia released their GeForce 3 GPU, they had a winner in their hands. Gamers liked it. Developers liked it. The GeForce 3 was a great performer, and held it's spot as the fastest gaming card around. Earlier this month, companies started to release new products based on the new Nvidia chip - The GeForce 3 Ti500. The new Ti500 chips come at a standard clock of 240MHz Core/500MHz Memory, and also feature a new technology known as Shadow Buffers. So why should we be discussing the GeForce 3? Well the answer to that is simple: Price. With new Ti500 cards hitting the shelves at prices close to what the GeForce 3 debued at, the vanilla GeForce 3 cards will be dropping in price. So it's possible you may be able to pick up a brand new GeForce 3 card for $250 or even less once the Ti500's settle into the market. Of course, if you do get a GeForce 3 video card you will be glad to know that it's possible to get them running at or beyond the standard GeForce 3 Ti500 secifications. I have selected three GeForce 3 cards based on their features, and overclocking ability. Let's take a look at the boards and their features.

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