Geforce 7800GTX 512 MB to cost $649

NVIDIA'S flagship Geforce 7800 GTX card with 512 MB is expected next Monday the 14th of November,and we have some pricing details about how many greenbacks this card will cost. Nvidia has priced this card at high as $649. A new card working at 550MHz core and 1700+ for the memory will certainly be a faster option than X1800XT 512 MB card but will cost you exactly $100 more than the $549, the suggested retail price of the Radeon X1800XT.

We just don't see the end of this, as we think that $549 is already an insane amount of money to spend for a graphic card. What happened to $399 as a top barrier? Are we so blinded with marchitecture that we didn't figure out that Nvidia and ATI are ratcheting the prices up every single generation?

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News source: The Inq

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