German retailer posts Windows 8 TV ads; sheep involved

Microsoft has been busy releasing TV ads for both Windows 8 and their Surface tablet and Lenovo has their own well produced commercials for their upcoming Windows 8-based laptops. Now the German-based retailer Media Markt has joined the Windows 8 commercial bandwagon, but in a rather unexpected form.

The company has posted two videos on a "Windows 8 Vs Reality" YouTube channel. In the first, a split screen shows how the photo password feature in Windows 8 compares to using the same method on a bouncer guarding a nightclub; it doesn't end well for the nightclub patron.

In the second ad, we are meant to learn that "shearing" a sheep is not as fun as "sharing" a photo of a sheep with a Windows 8-based tablet. We think that goes without saying. Unfortunately, Media Markt has disabled embedding on these videos so you will have to head to the YouTube page and check these odd TV ads for yourself.

We will almost certainly see more Windows 8-based ads from PC OEM makers, along with electronics retailers, pop up before and after the launch of Windows 8 on October 26th.

Via: Surface Evangelist
Source: Windows 8 Vs Reality YouTube channel | Images via Media Markt

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