Get an AT&T handset for $0.01 via Amazon Wireless through Monday

In an attempt to most likely help out Microsoft after not seeing the sales they wanted, AT&T made an unbelievable deal with Amazon Wireless to essentially give away any smartphone when purchased with a new contract from Thursday, November 11 through Monday, November 15. All of the handsets feature a major smartphone OS, and will be sold for the incredibly low price of $0.01. The deal will vary for users already on AT&T as for most phones it is required to be added as a new activation.

Phones included in this deal come from a variety of makers, including LG, HTC, Palm, Samsung, Sony, and Blackberry, running Windows Phone 7, Android, WebOS, or Blackberry. Sorry, but Apple did not participate in this event so no iPhones will be found as part of this sale. Interestingly enough, the seemingly most popular of the Windows Phone 7 handset family at AT&T, the Samsung Focus appears absent from the list of handsets available for $0.01. The LG Quantum and HTC Surround are still included in the offer with the LG Quantum actually backordered.

Microsoft has pushed and promoted Windows Phone 7 by offering ways to connect to Xbox Live, or even partnering up with LG to give users of their handsets ten of the popular apps every 60 days as chosen by Microsoft via the LG Application Store. 

If you have been on the edge about getting a Windows Phone 7 phone, or even making the leap to smartphones, perhaps it is time to take Amazon up on their deal

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