Gigabyte 3D1 (Dual GPU) Review

Ever since the moment Gigabyte released a Dual GPU graphics card people are having 3dfx Voodoo'ish flashbacks. NVIDIA decided to pick up that trend (as they bought the patent when they took over 3dfx) and go beyond everyone's expectations. The deal about placing two GPU's however always has been tricky. I say this specifically because others have tried and failed, think about the Rage Fury Maxx and XGI's Volari Duo V8. Today Guru3D will test Gigabyte's DUAL GPU based GV-3D1 which of course runs in SLI mode and is a rather cool looking graphisc card.

    I already mentioned this in the introduction a bit. Exciting as the idea might be, when you look at the card you'll notice that there is no SLI connector on top of the card. You can forget about placing a second 3D1 card in there. The card utilizes all 16 PCI-Express lanes. Also, I noticed some of you guys posting question like, is this going to be available as AGP solution? Forget about it, it's simply not possible. When we take a first look at the card, well you can't help falling in love at the least a little bit.
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News source: Guru of 3D

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