Gloves Off: Microsoft builds Windows vs. iPad comparison site

Microsoft has taken the gloves off and is committed to showing that Windows 8 tablets are superior to the iPad. We have already seen one commercial make its way to your television screen and now the company is launching an iPad vs Windows 8 comparison site to keep the momentum going.

Microsoft has constructed a site that lets you put several popular Windows 8 tablets in a side-by-side comparison of the iPad. The idea being, obviously, that the Windows 8 tablets are superior to the iPad in nearly every way. Of course, Microsoft does leave out one metric where the iPad would always win, resolution, but when you build the site, you can slant it however you like.

Besides resolution, Microsoft includes several categories including thinness, battery life, weight, display size and more to help the consumer size up the iPad to their Windows 8 comparable.

It’s a bit refreshing to see Microsoft actually come out and be direct with their advertising and directly calling out other platforms shortcomings. While Windows 8/RT is certainly not perfect, it can hold its own against the market leader, iOS.

You can head on over to the comparison page here to see how many existing tablets compare to that of the latest generation iPad.

Source: Microsoft | Previous Coverage: Neowin

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