Gloves off: Microsoft slams Google and its Chromebook in new video


Microsoft has released a new video for its Scroogled campaign and it’s clear, the gloves are off when it comes to bashing Google. In the clip, posted above, Microsoft has recruited a few of the cast members from Pawn Stars to talk about the Chromebook. The clip is nothing short of throwing mud directly at Google as Rick, the lead character in Pawn Stars, refuses to buy a Chromebook off of a potential customer because it is not a real laptop.

Rick says that because the Chromebook applications are web based, when you are not connected to the web, it’s basically a brick. Further, Rick says that by having the Chromebook logo, it’s not a real laptop because it doesn’t come with Office or Windows.

Microsoft doesn’t stop there; they say that when you are connected to the web, the Chromebook will track what you do online to put ads in front of your face.

The clip is all about bashing Google and the Chromebooks. While the video is obviously heavily scripted, by utilizing the popular reality TV stars and calling out the Chromebook in a way that makes it look like a useless device that invades your privacy, Microsoft is clearly wanting to do everything in its power to stop these devices from taking off.

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