Gmail adds contact restore, delegation, expands mobile to other languages

Google's Gmail team appears to have gone on a tweaking spree ahead of Christmas, adding a number of features to the popular email service.

First up is the ability to restore deleted contacts, handy for those who perhaps let their emotions get the better of them when deciding whether or not to axe a contact or two. Similar to System Restore in Windows, the Gmail feature allows users to rollback their contact list to the way it was anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 days in the past. Any contacts that didn’t exist then will be deleted and any that have since been added will be deleted.

Next up is an updated Gmail web app for iPhone and Android users in 44 additional languages. The updated web client was made available for for those who use Gmail in English last April and brought the mobile experience closer to the desktop version, adding features including search, stars, labels, and threaded conversations. Now the same app is available in a range of languages, with the full list available on the Google Mobile blog.

Finally, for those who share Gmail accounts - or are simply too lazy to check their own emails - Google has added email delegation. Previously only available to Google Apps account holders, the feature allows users to sign into multiple Gmail accounts and view, organise and send email on behalf of any account - provided the account holder has granted permission. To allow another account access to your Gmail, head to the "Accounts" tab via the Settings link of any Gmail account.

Image Credit: Google

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