Gmail changes coming in "next few days"

Remember a couple of weeks ago when a video showing some changes coming to Gmail was leaked out onto YouTube?. Well, Google has not only confirmed that the video wasn't a hoax but that the new features show in the video will be available to Gmail users very soon. A post on Google's blog site confirms that Gmail subscribers can access the features sometime in "the next few days" by clicking on a link on the main Gmail page that says "Switch to the new look."

One of the new improvements is that Gmail's interface will automatically resize to any browser window size that you designate along with different choices for pixel display density. That should work well for people from small 10 inch notebook screens to massive PC monitors.

The new version of Gmail will also make email threads look more like chat conversations, as you can see in the image above the news post. Also, the Google chat window and the labels list interfaces to the left of Gmail's message section will be able to be adjusted to become smaller or larger.

A new filter feature that can be accessed right out of the search box will be another new addition to Gmail. Finally, you will be able add some high resolution background images to make your Gmail experience more colorful.

While these adjustments and additions don't represent a total revamp of Gmail's web user interface, they should make using the service easier for Gmail's many subscribers.

Image via Google

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