GoG.com announces the addition of classic EA games to DRM-free site

As previously hinted by Good Old Games (GoG.com), the DRM-free PC gaming web site made a huge announcement today during the CD Projekt streaming press conference event. The GoG.com site will be adding games from publisher Electronic Arts to its library of titles. The agreement will bring over 25 classic games from EA to GoG.com starting today.

One of the first three titles that is available to download is Wing Commander Privateer, one of the games in the classic space combat series that was first created by Origin Systems. Another game that is available to download today are the two games in the Ultima Underworld series in one bundle. These are first person fantasy RPG spin-offs from the Ultima line of classic RPGs that had design input from Warren Spector who went on to help develop the Deus Ex games. Finally GoG.com has added Dungeon Keeper to its line-up. This title, where you are an evil fantasy overlord, comes from the mind of Peter Molyneux while he was still working at the Bullfrog Studios. All three games are now available to purchase and download today for $5.99 each.

There is a little bad news amidst all this good news. The agreement between EA and GoG.com will not extend, at least at first, to offering the original System Shock games or the Syndicate titles  on the site. Apparently there are still some rights and licensing issues with those titles that are keeping those games from being included in the GoG.com deal.

Update - Other EA games coming to GoG.com include Crusader: No Remorse, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and Magic Carpet.

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