GoG.com to reveal "biggest announcement ever" Thursday

For the past several months, the DRM-free PC game download site Good Old Games (GoG.com) has launched a number of pre-announcement stunts to reveal new features to the web site or to announce the addition of new games. The most infamous move was to shut down the entire site several months ago and make it look like GoG.com was never coming back online. In fact the reveal was that the site was coming out of its beta stage with new features and new games. It was a move that generated a brief backlash against GoG.com and its parent company CD Projekt but it seems that all is now forgiven.

Now GoG.com has launched a more conservative way to promote a major new announcement that will go live on Thursday, June 2. The site currently has a countdown clock that will reach zero at 3 pm Eastern time on Thursday. GoG.com has already called it its "biggest announcement ever." What will it be? Well, GoG.com has already stated that it will add a new library of games from at least one of the following game publishers: Microsoft, LucasArts, Electronic Arts, Square Enix or Take Two Interactive. Which publisher will it be? No matter which one it is, the games won't have any DRM set-ups involved.

Also due to be announced on Thursday is a new game from CD Projekt Red, the development team behind The Witcher series of fantasy RPGs. There are already rumors that the announcement will be about a console port of The Witcher 2 which was released for the PC earlier this month. We should learn more about the future of the PC version of the game as well.

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