Google: 400 million Android devices; 1 million activated a day

Just how many Android devices have been activated? According to Google, a lot. Really, it's a lot. At the start of the Google I/O keynote event, the company revealed that a whopping 400 million Android devices have been activated since it launched. That's three times the number that Google said in 2011, when it had "just" 100 million Android hardware activations.

The pace of activations has also continued to pick up. Google also announced today that they are now up to 1 million Android hardware activations per day. Again, that's a huge jump from "just" 500,000 activations per day a year ago.

Google didn't offer any breakdowns of what kind of hardware activations it has seen in terms of numbers of smartphones versus the number of tablet. It also didn't provide how many of those activasions were based on Android 2.3, 3.0 and 4.0.

Source: Google I/O Conference keynote address | Image via Google

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