Google: 700,000 applications are available for Android

Google has revealed that there are currently about 700,000 applications available for its Android platform as of today, which means it has matched Apple’s application count.

Application counts between Google, Apple and Microsoft have turned into somewhat of a manhood-measuring contest, with the biggest numbers likely to give the edge to the mobile OS in the $219.1 billion smartphone market share.

We know that Google currently owns over 65 percent of the smartphone market share and with the Nexus 7 selling over 1 million units in the tablet industry, and the Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 10 tablet set to be released mid-November, Google wants developers to increase the number of tablet-specific applications which could mean great things for Android tablets much like we’ve seen in the evolution in the Android ecosystem.

In contrary to Google’s success, Apple has argued that its iOS operating system leads with more application sales. Apple also stated last week that it has paid $6.5 billion to developers since the App Store was introduced in 2008. With that being said; Google seems to be doing extremely well on the smartphone front, and we have no doubts that the company’s multiple Nexus tablets and smartphones will continue to push the boundaries of developers to allow them to improve the number and standard of applications available on the Google Play store.

Source: Bloomberg

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