Google acquires BlindType

As any touch typist knows, mobile typing is often prone to typos. Google have recently acquired a start-up company called BlindType which in doing so, Google believe they can improve Android’s reasonable word-prediction system.  Currently, the keyboard on Apple’s iOS-touchscreen devices such as the iPhone and iPad are far superior than the one currently used by Android. The acquisition now allows Google to leapfrog their rivals.

On Friday, BlindType announced on its blog that they are "excited to join Google, and look forward to the great opportunities for mobile innovation that lie ahead.” The software hasn’t been released yet but a review in July looked promising.

Their YouTube demos also look impressive, although according to CNET it seems BlindType “can only match the word once it’s fully typed – changing  "vskjieyh" into "ballpark" and "vqsyrudik" into "beautiful," for example, but only after all the letters were typed.”

On the company’s official website they claim “most inputs are just not “errors”. There is a reason the user touched the screen where they did, and a truly intelligent system should just figure out that reason. BlindType is a revolutionary system that eliminates touch typing frustrations.”

In essence a user typing on BlindType could type without looking. Actually, to save space you could type without the keyboard even being on screen to “allow for new and unique typing user interface.”

The terms of the deal weren’t announced which leaves room for speculation.

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