Google acquires device management firm Divide

Google has acquired Divide, a popular enterprise device management firm which makes mobile applications for Android and iOS in addition to cloud-based administrative consoles for companies.

Divide announced on its website that the company will be joining Google as part of the Android team. The company makes enterprise solutions such as policy management dashboards for Android and iOS-based devices registered with work accounts. Financial details of the acquisition have not yet been revealed by either company.

Google is believed to be working on making Android a viable option for business customers who have stayed away from the platform due to security concerns and lack of official device management solutions. Additionally, employees who bring their own Android-based devices to work can be integrated into the systems with an official Google solution.

BlackBerry has championed enterprise device management since its beginning, and Microsoft is working on bringing similar functionality to its Windows Phone platform in the upcoming 8.1 update. With the acquisition of Divide, Google will finally be able to focus on making Android an attractive option for businesses to deploy, without relying on third-party solutions or proprietary technologies like Samsung's KNOX.

Source: Divide | Image via AstroUK

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